Quality assurance seminar

Training seminars in state-of-the-art, future oriented 3-piece can manufacturing technology and best practices in 3-piece can production.

Targeted participants
Supervisors or Quality Managers.

Goal of training
The participants to the seminar will be sensitized to the essential role quality assurance plays in today’s quest for higher productivity. Upon completion of the seminar they will be able to gauge if their own quality control processes are up-to-date in comparison to the current best practices in the industry.

Content of training
Through a theoretical and hands-on seminar, participants will be offered an in-depth analysis of the quality requirements and best quality assurance practices during the entire process of the manufacturing of a 3-piece can. The training will begin with a short introduction to canmaking and then cover the quality issues for each item of a modern 3-piece can manufacturing line: slitter, body blank transfer system, welder, weld monitor, powder seam protection and curing oven.The emphasis of the course will be given to modern monitoring devices (i.e. weld or seam protection monitors) and the influence of the different processes on each other.

Duration/location of the course
3 days at Soudronic’s headquarters in Bergdietikon/Switzerland.

Number of participants
min. 6 / max. 10 participants

English or German

Course fee
CHF 1850.– per participant. Reduction of 10% for any additional participant.

Register online or return the registration form.



  • If possible participants should indicate an alternative date for any course they wish to participate.
  • The course fee will be invoiced after reception of the registration
  • The registration to a course will be confirmed immediately upon reception of the payment of the course fee.
  • Confirmations will be issued on a basis of «first come – first serve»
  • Soudronic may cancel a course in case of an insufficient number of participants. The cancellation will occur no later than 7 days prior to the course begin.
  • Confirmed participants may cancel without penalties no later than 7 days prior to the course begin.
  • Confirmed participants cancelling less than 7 days prior to the course begin will be charged an administrative fee of CHF 300.—.