All-round support.

All-round support: whether it’s an individual machine or a complete canmaking line, cantec is your one-shop stop for all your needs

At Cantec we see ourselves not only as a machine and systems manufacturer but also as a supplier of complex and inter-linking services that help to make your production line more efficient and your operations more profitable.

Essentially, service is a life insurance policy for your machines. at cantec it extends to all-round support for machines, products, efficiency and operator skills.

It’s only expensive if it doesn’t work. Every minute your production line isn’t working costs a lot of money – your money. Regular servicing helps you to reduce downtime. A service contract will help you to get even better performance and higher inter-service reliability.

For services of any kind or further details of service contracts, please contact us

Service Hotline
+49 171 228 1243
Siegmund Lux
Siegmund Lux
+49 201 633 1278
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