Pail Production Line

Welder Curling/Beading Station Expander Necking/Flanging Station Ear-Welding/Bail Placing Station Tester Drying Oven Stacker

Assembly Lines for Pails

Our assembly lines for pails are very compact in design. Incorporating state-of-the-art technologies, they offer outstanding reliability and high productivity.

Our pail assembly lines perform all the operations required in the manufacture of pails and drums, such as welding, curling/beading, expansion, necking/flanging, ear-welding/bail placing, testing, drying and stacking. They can also be used for the assembly of seamed bottom and top ends as well as for mounting lids or handles. A variety of solutions is available for each production process. Thanks to the modular design, supplementary machines and functionalities can be added easily. Assembly lines for pails and drums ranging from 5 to 200 liters are available.