Ocsam Impianti s. r. l.

Via Edison, 15
42040 S. Ilario d’Enza
+39 0522 90 97 42
+39 0522 90 97 94

Ocsam Impianti S.R.L. San Ilario d’Enza, Italy.

A member of the Soudronic Group since 1995, Ocsam is globally recognized manufacturer of high-performance slitter and transfer systems.

As a leading supplier of slitter and transfer systems for medium- and high-speed canbody production lines, OCSAM enjoys a first-class reputation for the ease of operation and sturdy design of its products. Slitters and transfer systems from OCSAM often are an integral part of Soudronic's high-speed 3-piece can production lines.

Management and sales

Mauro Spiga

Mauro Spiga
President & CEO

+39 0522 90 97 42