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Cantec, your partner for endmaking: expertise, systems and machinery

A Soudronic group company since 2006, Cantec specializes in high-speed endmaking systems. Cantec’s core business is the development and production of high-performance systems for ends, deep-drawn cans, caps and EO shells. Based in Essen, Germany, the company also supplies complete endmaking and canmaking lines, including process know-how and services.

Cantec: A leading innovator in the canmaking industry.

The company was founded in 1959, as part of Krupp Maschinenfabriken. Today, Cantec can look back on worldwide sales of several thousand slitters and more than 600 of the CAN-O-MAT, a high-performance system for the production of three-piece cans that combines all processes from welded body to finished can in a single machine. Parallel to these systems, Cantec has developed the END-O-MAT, a production line for tops, rings and bottoms for endmaking, shells for easy-open ends or caps for jars, and deep-drawn cans. The system strongest points are its outstanding performance, high profitability, process reliability and modular concept.

The company's core competence is the development and production of high-performance systems for the production of three-piece cans, deep-drawn cans, caps, ends and EOE-shells as well as the supply of complete can and endmaking lines, including the necessary process know-how and services.

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